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Headlines and main story of the Delta City Chronicle, February 5, 2018:


By Charles Upchurch

Gladiator, the beloved scrapper of the super hero group The Marshals was slain while saving not only the city, but the country. Only shreds of his mask was found at the center of the explosion that rocked downtown just two days ago. This explosion felled two large building and shattered the windows of several city blocks. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Gladiator and his fellow Marshals, there were only minor injuries to civilians.

It is unclear who the organization was that planted the awful device. Nor is it clear what they were after. Currently, no group has claimed this attack. In fact, several questionable agencies have sent sympathies and condolences.

Authorities, along with other super heroes have combined forces to investigate this travesty and bring the culprits to justice. Their lead pool is thin and they request the aid of anyone that might have seen or know something. Please contact them at the Marshal’s hotline.

Services are open to the public and will begin at 9am tomorrow at St. George’s Cathedral with a procession to Hero Park the next day.

This is a sad day for all of us.

Obituary of Charles Henderson as it appeared in the Chronicle, February 5, 2018:

Charles “Chuck” E. Henderson passed away February 3, 2018. As a veteran, Charles served with distinction in the US Airforce from 1981 until his retirement in 2005. Charles is survived by his wife, Marla, and his two children, Marcus and Claudia.



Headlines and main story of the Connerburg Dispatch, February 5, 2018:


By Roderick Harris

The notorious super villain Spellbinder performed his last rotten magic act. Thanks to the heroic deeds of Blue Shield and Dazzle, Spellbinder is no more. After his failed attempt at controlling the mayor and the governor, he turned to a standard tactic of blowing stuff up.

The Blue Shield and Dazzle raced through the city and ensured that not only were the explosives inert, but that no innocent bystander would accidentally trigger them. Their final confrontation was loud and impressive to watch. In the end, Spellbinder’s flying spell gave out, and he plummeted to his death from forty stories up.

The Blue Shied and Dazzle did make a valiant effort to save him, but they were too late.

As it stands, Spellbinder’s mask has been removed and the authorities are attempting to identify him now.

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