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Review – Hulk

For this review, I am going to cover Hulk. Specifically the 2016 series. Also, this is Hulk and not the Incredible Hulk, or She Hulk though it does cover Jennifer Walters’ life in and out of Hulk.

The Good:

This is a character driven plot and comes across as slow developing. Story wise, one day is covered in two books. Also, Hulk (or She Hulk if you prefer) does not appear left and right. There are hints (destroyed items) and several scenes where Jennifer gets control of herself by watching cooking videos. Yes, cooking videos.

The other thing this series covers that I thought was good, was Jennifer’s life as a lawyer. They all give the impression that they know she is a Hulk, but not. It just hangs there in the air.

As the starting plot is resolved, an old Marvel favorite rears his gamma induced head. It starts out well, but…

The Bad:

It only recently merged back into the old (previous) Marvel line up. Since this only covers three issues, I’m still evaluating it. I hope it continues on with what it started.

The Ugly:

I have a gripe with the costuming. Tight fitting costumes with bright colors and odd shapes should be going away. It’s just silly that people would take someone wearing a colorful athletic outfit seriously. Not to mention the mask. I get keeping your identity a secret, but at some point reality has to kick in.

This series merges into She-Hulk 159

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