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Happy Holidays and Stuff

Here we are at the end of the year. This means that (at least where I live) we have a lot of holidays. These are listed in order of when they happen. Let’s start with October.


Not a holiday (religious or other). It is a festive time and there are decorations for it. There’s movie and tv shows dedicated for that time as well. For the majority of the people, this is usually the start of cool weather. And over saturation of sugar and excess.

Veterans’s Day:

Is a government sanctioned holiday. Typically many institutions are closed. Many, not all. So what this means is you have to do something, but it will be closed. Honestly, this is a day to say thanks to those that gave all. You know, so you could have a day off and drink beer while you watch television. I’m a veteran, so don’t send hate mail.


Another government sanctioned holiday. Unlike Veteran’s day, the majority of places will be closed. The exception is grocery stores and retailers. Yeah, retailers. It used to be they would open an hour early on the following Friday. Then it became midnight. As of 2017, several opened at noon on Thanksgiving day. Yeah. If you worked retail, you were screwed. This is typically the “official” beginning of the holiday shopping season (shopping season, let that sink in. Hunting season?)


This is just crazy. Personally, I approve.

Click here for more information.


Religious based holiday. The way I see this one, it is a celebration of family and faith. The gift exchange is low (or so I’m told). I’m sure somewhere someone goes overboard. However, the practice isn’t as wide spread as others. Keep at it.

Christmas Eve:

Not a holiday, but don’t tell anyone that. Most employers will nicely let their employees go home early. The internet will be slammed, so don’t try to get a last minute deal. Driving to a nearby store. Forget it. Traffic is deadly and chances are the store is empty, if not closed.

Christmas Day:

The word that is the base for this is Christ. Think about that while you’re ripping up the paper on all of those presents that put you in $5,000 credit card debt. Seriously. Yes, I know this is a religious holiday. So I ask, what religion? Dr. Seuss had it right. Go Grinch.

The Day After Christmas:

Not a holiday. But let’s be honest about it. You’re tired or hungover. The best sells happen this day. Pawnshops get a lot of stock this day. That and eBay. Think I’m lying? Look at that closest or junk drawer. You have one.

New Year’s Eve:

Not a holiday, but it works like Christmas Eve. Plus, you have to find out where to go and celebrate. If you are waiting until now, you’re too late. Be prepared for late night explosions, and Prince’s 1999 blasted at full volume.

New Year’s Day:

International Hangover Day. You stayed up way to late and drank way too much. Clean up crews dominate the streets and large vehicles block your ability to drive anywhere.

Ground Hog Day:

The unofficial end of the string of holidays for the fall / winter seasons. No one recognizes this as a holiday except the news stations and Pennsylvania. Do your research, this is urban legend that most of us just humorously accept. This is just silly. The movie was good.

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