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The Silver Shield braced against the streetlight and held tight to the silver shield he was well known for. “Dynamo, come in,” he shouted, knowing the communication device in his helmet would pick up the words. “We’re being overwhelmed.”

“Ugh,” Dynamo’s voice said. “I can’t help. Holding this bridge up while rescue workers get the wounded and dead. Who’s left on the reserve roster?”

“Pulchrit…Pulchritude,” Kris said over the communication channel. She cradled her arm as she staggered across the street away from Silver Shield. “I can’t say his name.”

“Call him,” Dynamo said.

“Are you kidding me,” Silver Shield said as the large blue fist slammed into his defenses. The force pushed her back, bending the light post. “He’s never been in a real street brawl before.”

“He’s stopped these bank robbers without a single injury,” Kris said. “All he needs is an opportunity.”

Silver Shield rolled to the side and deflected the follow-up blow from the blue brute trashing downtown. “Not now,” he said. “This behemoth has killed five dozen people with collateral damage alone. “Star Flyer is down and she was our powerhouse. Pulchrit-a-whatever doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Neither do you, it seems,” Pulchritudinous said landing next to the Silver Shield.

Using both hands he shoved the other man to the side and stared at the twelve-foot blue giant. Spreading his smile, he flashed his dazzling white teeth. The monster raised both fists above his head and let out a roar.

“There’s no reason to be angry anymore,” Pulchritudinous said as his golden colored locks ruffled in the non-existent breeze. “Please be calm and we can talk about whatever you would like.” A sparkle flared from a tooth making those nearby blink. “No harm will come to you once you calm down.”

The blue giant twitched as his hands came crashing down. Both garbage truck-sized fists stopped inches away from the blue-eyed man in front him. Letting out a growl, he pulled his hands back and raised foot over the beautiful man.

“I can assure you,” Pulchritudinous said and cocked an eyebrow, “that harming me is impossible as would be harming you. Please, consider just talking.” Once again he replaced his smile and the battle tossed street seemed less war zone and more sidewalk bistro.

“How is he doing this?” Silver Shield scrambled to his feet and ran out of the brute’s path. “He hasn’t even done anything.”

“He’s doing something for me,” Kris said as she stopped and smiled at the backside of Pulchritudinous.

“Whatever it is,” Dynamo said. “The workers here are moving faster and civilians are helping. Hell, I feel like I could hold this twenty-ton bridge all day.”

“I do feel refreshed,” Silver Shield said as he pushed a truck out of the way and escorted a few wounded-walkers to safety. “But what is he doing to stop the Blue Beast?”

“Please, stop what you are doing,” Pulchritudinous said as Blue Beast placed his foot on the ground. “I’ll gladly listen to you. Together, we can come to an agreement.”

The Blue Beast grunted and his knees buckled. His large rump slammed into the remains of the street, making a local earthquake. “Pretty,” he said and reached for Pulchritudinous. “No hurt, pretty.”

“Thank you,” Pulchritudinous said, again with a smile a politician would kill to have. “We are all grateful that you have decided to take a safer course of action.” He walked forward and reached a hand out, touching a tree trunk of a finger. “Please be at peace.”

A short moan came from the large creature. His eyes softened and the scowl on his mouth flattened.

“That’s it, big guy,” Pulchritudinous said. “Take a seat and relax.”

The Blue Beast plopped his large backside onto the asphalt. Cracks spider webbed from the impact. Both of his eyes fluttered and his head nodded. The bull-sized shoulders slumped and his entire body went horizontal onto the destroyed road.

Letting out a heavy breath, Silver Shield said, “Finally.”

“Shut it,” Kris said.

“Go on, big guy,” Pulchritudinous said, stepping closer. “You’ve earned the rest.”

Heavy snores escaped the Blue Beast’s throat.

“He’s asleep,” Kris said. “It’s about time.”

“I don’t get it,” Silver Shield said. “How did he do that?”

“It’s easy,” Pulchritudinous said. He turned and smiled at Silver Shield. “No one wants to mess up the pretty.”

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