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The All New Wolverine – Review of X-23

The Good:

They changed the gender and made her young. No, I don’t mean this in a pervy sort of way. I’m guessing she’s mid 20’s. She comes across someone that has a lot of life experience, but let’s be honest, probably doesn’t. This means her naïvety shows through at times. This isn’t a bad thing.

Cameos of Logan / Original Wolverine. Yeah, they are in a dream sequence and it works. He becomes a mentor and shows her how to get through things. This isn’t so bad. Like most things with comic books, there’s still another Wolverine running around. He’s from another dimension. Yeah. Really.

Breaking the fourth wall. And better than Deadpool.

There’s a part where X-23 comments that people don’t like her as the new Wolverine. Even the guys on the internet. Sure, this could have been taken as her having a public identity and known the world over. But let’s be honest here. When they introduced her

The Bad:

The newest series starts out with X-23 having to deal with clones. Then the running jokes start. “Why do they look like you?” Right. I get using a plot hook and device (I’m an author, too). Sure the other women look like X-23, but they don’t have the same powers as her. For the most part, these women have acquired Wolverine’s attitude and cranked it up three notches.

The Ugly:

Honestly, I can’t name one.

I still read this series regularly. It’s decent. Floating cameos of other Marvel property. So far, no rehashing Wolverine story lines or enemies. In fact, they’ve humanized her more. I guess this goes to the part of her naïvety. She is still learning. Good job, Marvel.

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