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Rogue Telekinetic – Rain

“The rain is coming down in buckets,” the DJ’s voice blared over the radio. A second later, the local alternative music kicked in.

“Tell me about it,” Jack said. “The rain mixed with the hour and it’s a struggle to see.” He nudged his wiper control to the medium setting.

When the traffic light turned green, the cluster of cars around Jack rolled forward. Being in the left lane, Jack passed two other vehicles.  Something caught his eye when his headlights glinted off something. A dark car in the right lane didn’t have lights on.

“That’s an accident about to happen,” Jack said with a slow shake of his head.

A quick glance up the road showed the traffic light was still green. The splashing sound outside his car picked up in volume as he along with the others sped along.

A white car up ahead, pulled out of a parking lot and merged into traffic. The dark car, slammed on brakes, making his tail lights blare an angry red.

“And that is why you should have your headlights on,” Jack said. He looked in his rearview mirror at the two cars and sudden clog of traffic. In an accordion effect, the cars in the right lane picked up their pace. The lightless dark car held pace next to Jack. “Still don’t see the need. You know the life you save might be your own.”

The red light of a stop light blared and all the vehicles slowed. Some jostled to differnt lanes, and when they all stopped moving, Jack was still next to the dark car. He looked through is passenger window and focused on the heavily tinted driver’s window of the other car. After a cleansing breath, he squinted his eyes. A white dot, the width of a pinky finger, appeared on the far window. The dot flowed down leaving a line in the glass. Once it reached a few inches, it turned left. A smaller line was left the dot’s wake. Another dot came into view to the left of the first symbol. It descended like the first and stopped. A third dot appeared, and it drew a partial circle and hooked a straight line into the center. The fourth dot appeared, and it left a capital H in its wake. After the fifth dot appeared, it formed a capital T. The sixth dot squiggled towards the wet pavement and stopped when it was as tall as the other symbols.

Jack Davis sighed and blinked rapidly. “That was tough.” The traffic light changed and all the cars rolled forward. A flash appeared through Jack’s passenger window. He grinned in his rearview mirror as he rolled through the intersection and merged into the left turn lane. As the dark car, now with headlights on, drove by, Jack nodded.

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