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Critique on the Green Arrow comic book

For this week, I am critiquing the most recent reboot of the Green Arrow comic book. If you haven’t read the first 8 or so issues, this review will contain spoilers (plus it came out in 2016 – really guys).

The Good:

I am a fan of Green Arrow and have been since the early 80’s (Yeah, I’m old). Seeing that he has lost a lot of his trick arrows is a good thing. Yes, the boxing glove arrow has gone away. The new series shows his skills with not just a bow and arrow, but hid detective skills and other things. Ollie has been humanized¬† and not left as a bleeding heart liberal.

Additionally, they have expanded character rolls and brought back some older characters. It’s good to see more of the action that would have been relegated to a montage or worse, left out. Nice work here.

The Bad:

The first few issues have the same bad guy. OK, that makes sense. However, they are burnt or disfigured. Are you kidding me. I understand this is a comic book and there is a given suspension of belief, but when I see a guy with no lips talking eloquently, then I have to really work at it. You try talking by holding your lips back. I did, it ain’t easy.

The Ugly:

I don’t have a lot to say on this part. The story line is good and so is the action. Decent art, so I don’t really have an ugly. I will say this. If you are going to tie in the TV characters, then they should all match. Ollie in the show is under 30 (by a large margin – I know these things). In the comic, he’s over 30 (speaking from experience). Maybe they’ll hand wave it and say: The TV show is before he moves to Seattle. Yeah, right.

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