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Maid of Steel – Fed Up

“That’s it!” Kelly turned away from the four police officers. “I ain’t takin’ this crap!” She stomped through the door and outside. “Two hours. Two stinkin’ hours I’ve been waiting for you bozos to show up and arrest these buffoons.”

Kelly approached the police cruiser, zeroing on in the officer standing near the hood. “Lieutenant Henderson! Explain why I had to wait for two hours for a uniformed officer to show up and official arrest the bank robbers. Also, when they show up their food on the uniforms and they walk instead of running.”

“Well, you see,” Henderson said, lifting his hand between him and the approaching superhero. “Cobalt, when the alarm went off, we were in the middle of shift change. The officers that showed up were just coming off their lunch break.”

“That’s no excuse for them to be unprofessional,” Kelly said. “I have other things to take care of. There could have been another emergency.”

Henderson showed a wan smile and softened his eyes. “I’m sure if something like that happened, you would have worked something out.” He reached a hand up to her shoulder. “Thanks to you, crime here in Harbor City is under control.”

“You would think,” Kelly said and waved a hand behind her as the police officers brought out the four cuffed prisoners. “But these guys were ready. They have high end communication devices in their ears, the combination to the outer vault and weapons that left marks on me.” She showed the singe marks and one fading bruise on an arm. “Plus, do you see this skirt? These things aren’t cheap.”

“What do you want from us?” Henderson shrugged. “We are super powered like you.”

“If your detectives would have done your job,” Kelly pointed to a plain clothes officer over to the side chatting with a woman. “Or, heaven forbid, even gotten a regular bulletin from the FBI or other law enforcement agencies, perhaps these thieves could have been stopped before they caused damage to the bank and hurt three employees.”

“No one was killed,” Henderson said. “Thanks to you. Their insurance will cover their medical bills.”

“That’s another thing,” Kelly clenched her fists and looked skyward. “Because of me, the insurance rates here are the lowest in the country. Do I see a penny, no. I don’t ask for it, nor do I want it. I do this because I love this city and it citizens.”

“And we love you,” Henderson said, his smile growing. “Thank you so much for taking the thieves down so we could do our job.”

“Ahhhhhh!” Kelly stomped away from Lieutenant Henderson and jumped into the air. After clearing the second story, she picked up speed and blurred out of sight.

Ten minutes later, Kelly landed on the roof of her apartment building. Moving behind the shed, she pulled her stashed bag out of its hiding spot. With blinding speed, she shed the super suit and replaced it with regular clothes.

“Arg!” Kelly shouldered the bag and walked for the access door. “If only these people would just step up once in a while.” She yanked the door open and headed downstairs. “It’s a good thing I work from home, otherwise I would have been fired years ago. Possibly homeless by now.”

Taking the stairs, Kelly wound her way to her apartment and tossed her bag with the others next to the front door. She tapped on her computer keys and scanned her email. Next she sent off three responses and settled over the screen holding her chin in her hand. Using a puff of breath, she blew the strand of dark hair out of her eyes.

Across town…

Vivian plopped into her chair with a loud sigh. “Finally,” she said. “I’m in Harbor City and have my apartment. Now, I just need to get the next part of my plan in motion. Unpacking.”

The open area of her apartment held several cardboard boxes, a dozen suitcases, and three crates. In the open kitchen, new boxes of dishes and silverware littered the counter. The freshly installed dishwasher displayed the stickers and tags. Across from her, hanging on the wall, the new flat-screen TV spread across the wall between the two bay windows. She pressed the power button on the remote, snapping the TV screen to life.

“-and we hope to see plenty more, Martha,” the newscaster said, finishing up the story in progress. “The downtown area was held in a grip of terror today as a four-man team attempted to rob the S&L.” The screen changed to a clip of the door of the Harbor City Savings and Loan. A caped figure with long brunette hair walked from the doors. Her face contorted as she called someone’s name and walked for the gathered police cars. “Thanks to our resident super hero, Cobalt, the team was apprehended by Harbor City’s finest.” Looking at the smaller window of video footage, showed Cobalt. Her signature blue-gray costume contrasted against the white of the bank. She waved her arms with her face turning a light shade of red. “Thank you Cobalt. The citizens of Harbor City salute you.” The newscaster lifted two fingers to his brow and waved them with a jerk. “Like always.” Clearing his throat, the newscaster launched into another story.

“Hmmm..” Vivian tilted her head and tapped her lips with a single finger. “It looks like someone could use some help. What do you say, SYMON?”

An electric-distorted voice spoke from a band on Vivian’s wrist. “That was part of the plan, was it not Amethystia?” The wrist band beeped twice. “You have already moved to her city and set up a base of operations. I believe the next step is to fight crime.”

“Correct you are, SYMON.” Vivian smiled as she stood. “But, before I can start fighting crime, I have to unpack. So I better get to it. Replacing Cobalt will be easy.”

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