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Special Delivery – Grocery Store

Edwina saved the report the finished and sent an email. Next she pulled her headset off and placed it on the phone. After she logged off the computer, she picked her bag off the desk and stepped out of her cube. The topmost part of her head floated above the cubicle wall as she walked for the elevators. Her smile broadened, reaching her eyes, as she past the last three rows of khaki colored cubicles. Someone said, “Bye, Edi.” Edwina wave, knowing she wouldn’t see who said it.

During the elevator ride to the parking garage, Edi’s phone chirped. Her eyebrow rose as she glanced at the message ticking across the screen. “I’ll be there at 11. Dealing with the cops.” If it had been any other person in her contact list, she would have dismissed the message and removed them from her phone. This was her boyfriend, Van Davis. Also known as the super hero Garbage. If he was dealing with cops, it was because he caught someone and possibly getting a bounty.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Edi moved to her car and departed. “I better stop and get some extra food. Van will be hungry.” She pulled into the parking lot of Gorcery World and parked in the middle of a row. Several people turned their eyes towards her as she walked to the front door. Her red and white uniform, along with the large words EMS pulled attention wherever she went. Edi walked through the auto-doors and grabbed a basket.

Moving to the produce area, Edi looked the vegetables over. When she reached for a cucumber, a loud bang sounded behind her. Spinning around, Edi saw the auto-doors being welded shut by a hand running down the center line. “Crap,” Edi sighed.

“You know what this is,” a loud voice said. “So just co-operate and things will be smooth.”

Reaching for her wrist panel, Edi activated her communication unit. In a harsh whisper she said, “This is EMT Gibson. I am reporting a robbery in progress at the Grocery World on third and commerce. One super powered individual and he welded the auto-doors shut with his hand.”

“Understood, EMT. Be safe,” the voice said in her earbud.

Nodding to herself, Edi scurried to a nearby shelf and ditched her basket. “At least being short helps out now,” she muttered to herself. Keeping a shoulder close to the shelf, Edi moved to the end and peered into the open area.

The five employees and a man with a dingy-white shirt huddled near the first register. A young man, possibly mid-twenties, stood in the cashier area and held his hand over the register. His long brown coat made it difficult to guess his height. But it was his wiry black hair sticking out in several directions she noticed next. Something green spread from his hand and covered the register. It looked like fuzzy moss, but disappeared as soon as the drawer opened. The young man grabbed the stacks of paper money and shoved them in the pockets of his jacket. After a few beats, the kid moved to the group of employees. Holding a hand up, his power arced between his fingers and spread out in a sphere, never leaving his hand. The female employees screamed and the man in the white shirt stepped forward with his fists clenched.

The jacket wearing kid, lashed out with his green glowing hand and slashed the man across the chest.

With a shout, the white shirt man flew back into the group of employees and collapsed to the floor.

“Oh my God!” One of the women screamed. “You killed him.”

“He shoulda just stayed where he was,” the super powered thief said.

Edi reached her hand out to the counter as she rounded to where the man stood. She didn’t realize how she got there, but she kept moving none the less.

“What the fuck do we hav here,” the kid in the jacket said as he turned to face Edi. “A midget super hero.” A slimy sneer flowed across his lips as he squared his shoulders. Flexing his fingers, both hands popped with his fuzzy green power.

“I’m not a midget, and I’m no hero,” Edi said when her eyes locked onto the young man. “I’m an EMT and required to render aid to that man.”

“That think looks like a super suit,” the young man said, his eyes rolling over Edi’s form. “One that fits snug over a nice body.” His low chuckle crested into a growl and he raised his eyebrows.

Edi’s face contorted into a look of disgust and she rolled her eyes. “I just want to help that man you hurt. Keep him from dying and you from going to the Brick Yard.”

“Look, sweetness,” the young man said. “I ain’t going to the Brick Yard. The cops can’t touch me.”

“Why’s that?” Edi inched closer to the fallen man.

“Their bullets and mace and other stuff won’t get through this.” He clenched his hands into fists and jerked his arms. From his head to the floor was covered in the green electro-moss stuff.

“I see,” Edi said. She advanced using small steps and managed to get herself between the robber and her patient. “Well, you can’t fly. All the cool heroes, or villains, fly.” She made a rude noise and her hand waved in a dismissive gesture.

The young man entire body leaned forward and his eyes bugged out of his head, as he stomped towards Edi. “You little bit-”

In a fluid motion, Edi dropped to one knee and rolled her hand in a sweeping motion towards the approaching thief. Dozens of tiny marbles appeared and rolled in the forced direction.

When the first few marbles reached the young man, they took his traction from his foot. Both of the young man’s legs went over his head. His back landed on the following wave of marbles as they rolled under his airborne form. The air in his lungs exited through his mouth with a low plume of spittle.

With a flick of her fingers, Edi made the marbles disappear. She dashed to where the young man floundered for his breath. Grabbing both hands, she affixed a kickball sized sphere to his hands. She repeated the process for his feet. Once the thief was secured, she moved to her patient. Taking his pulse and checking for wounds, Edi determined he was stable enough for travel. As she stood, she heard sirens wailing and saw the strobing lights a few seconds later.

Edi finished giving her statement to the cops that arrived. A dark shadow loomed over her as she turned to head for her car. “I see I’m not the only one serving and protecting.” She looked into the smiling face of Garbage. “I think we have enough time for dinner.”

“We sure do,” she smiled back. “By the way. You’re cooking. I whooped.”

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