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Bounty Hunter Bonita

Bonita, Bonny to her friends, felt her weightless arms flap in the breeze. Her legs floated into her lower peripheral vision as the serenity of the small, white, fluffy clouds floated in the clear blue sky like dolphins on a flat ocean. The cold, unyielding, rasping sidewalk stopped her flight, ripping the thick leather of her biker jacket. Continuing on the path, her hips bounced, carrying the rest of her body in the same direction. When next she connected, it was to roll twice, then slide into the scab-colored fire hydrant with a dull clang and expletive.

Gripping the pock-marked metal, Bonny groaned to her feet. She wiped the blood from her mouth with the back of a road-rash covered hand and brought her eyes up to meet her target. The recently broken and discarded glasses allowed her to make out the blurry shapes moving fast away from her. It also showed the black smear bearing down on her.

Bonny’s joints felt like the crags of the Kilimanjaro as her hand slapped at the leather holster and pulled the large hunk of metal out by the custom handle. Bringing the heavy weight to nose level, her hand shook with a small palsy. Bracing the palm of her free hand on the butt of the handle made the heavy hand-cannon tremble more. Her spindly thumb pulled back the spur of metal on top of the handle and the resounding click danced around Bonny’s ears.

Letting out a shaky breath as she blinked, Bonny’s finger curled around the slivered-metal trigger and squeezed.


The canyon of buildings echoed the sound several times and set a nearby car alarm to blaring.

Traveling at a high rate of speed, the black smear crashed into Bonny and both arced over the hydrant and rolled to a stop in the gutter. The shapeless blob lay on top of the unmoving Bonny.

“Ugh!” A feeble voice called. “Hey! Git dis tub o’lard off me. I gotta bounty ta collect.”

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