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Gavin peered around the corner. The darkness beyond was all he saw. A flick of his hand and a small flash appeared and showed the empty hallway. “Good. Clear to the doorway.” Touching his earbud, he said, “Hey, I’m almost there.”

“Is that ththththparkles?” The voice carried a hint of a giggle. “Just what we need.”

“Shut it Vance,” another voice said. “He’s smart enough to not get caught.”

“Whatever,” the voice labeled as Vance snorted. He mumbled something else, but it wasn’t clear.

Gavin moved down the hall and pressed his ear against the door. Voices and the sounds of furniture moving came through the thick wooden door. “Hmmm….” Gavin grabbed the knob and twisted slow and quiet. He stopped when he felt the resistance of the stop. Placing his ear back against the door, he checked on the noises. They hadn’t changed.

Slowly, he pushed the door out of the jam, only a finger’s width. The noises increased in volume and clarity. “Lloyd, pull the couch a little more over.” The heavy sound of something being dragged across the cement floor followed. “Right there. Cal, get the lights.” Footsteps approached Gavin, and he froze. The sound stopped, then the lights behind the door went to black. “Good. Play.” A flickering light washed over the door and Gavin peeked in.

His eye picked up the intro of a movie playing across a flat screen TV. Gavin pushed the door wide enough to get his head through. Thank God they keep the hinges oiled. Poking his face in first, he surveyed the dim room.

The couch held three people with their back to him. Another sat on a folding chair and held a large bowl of some crunchy snack. Gavin saw hands move to their mouths and a muffled crunch floated across the room.

“Hurry up, man.” Vance’s voice made Gavin jump. It was sheer luck he didn’t make any noises.

“Crap, Vance,” the same scolding voice from before said. “He’s doing the best he can.”

“Right,” Vance said. “Look,” Vance spat. “We all know he is only on the team because he’s your cousin, Chuck. Otherwise, we would have had The Amazing Amazon or maybe even Thud.”

Chuck growled, “He’s not on the team-”

“Stop it!” The third voice belonged to Francine. “We got caught. Gavin will get us out.”

Gavin’s earbud went quiet.

Pushing the door just enough to squeeze in, Gavin zipped in and sat with his back against the wall. He slowly moved the door, but didn’t let it latch. That should hold it. Sweat poured down his face and over his domino mask. Using his sleeve, he wiped his face and waited.

As the first strains of dialog from the movie sound, Gavin stood, keeping wall next to his shoulder blades. The room was plenty dark, and the four guard’s attention was on the large screen. In a fluid motion, Gavin strode to the back of the couch and extended both arms. One pointed to the solo guard, the other over the three on the couch. He splayed his fingers and sealed his eyes shut. The power exited his fingers and the warmth of it washed over his face.

Shouts and movement told him his plan worked. Throwing his eyes open, he watched for a beat as all the guards scrambled on their feet with hands extended. Placing both hands on the couch, Gavin vaulted over and kicked a guard into the TV. A loud thud and sparks filled the room. A quick shout and the guard collapsed in a heap on the TV pieces.

Using the distraction, Gavin reached for the ankles of another guard and yanked. The guard landed headfirst and stopped moving. Standing up, Gavin kicked the next closest guard square in the chest. Flailing back, the guard tripped over a fallen comrade, smacking his head on the corner of the couch. With a moan, the guard rolled over and stopped moving.

The last guard floundered for a gun in the holster on his hip. It cleared the leather device and the guard aimed. Unfortunately, it was at the wall.

Gavin snapped a rear naked choke on the guard, and worked him to the ground. After a few seconds, the guard lay on the ground, unmoving.

“What the hell was all that noise?” Chuck’s voice slammed into Gavin’s ear.

“Four guards being knocked out.” Gavin went to the door across the room. He gripped the knob and turned. It didn’t budge. “Crap, your cells are locked.”

“Duh,” Vance said. “That’s why they are called cells.”

“Get the key from the guards,” Francine said. “One of them has to have it.”

Gavin looked at the guards, then had an idea. He pointed a finger at the key hole and focused his power on it. There was a muffled bang and the lock emitted smoke. Gavin pulled on the door and it swung open. “Got it.”

“Well, lahdeeda,” Vance said.

Gavin moved into the small hallway. He saw three cell doors on the same wall. Without much process, he repeated the process of opening the doors.

The first door lead to Chuck. Gavin stepped in and looked around. Chuck lay on the bed with a large rock sitting on the floor next to him. “Get that thing out of here.” Gavin nodded and grabbed the soccer-ball sized rock. He moved back to the hall, then the main guard room. Next, he tossed the rock at the general mess he made earlier.

“You’re good Chuck,” Gavin said. “You need a few minutes, so I’ll get the others.” Chuck went to the next cell door. He popped the lock and entered.

Vance hung from chains on the wall. “Do you think you can break these locks? I don’t. Unobtainium. You ain’t doing shit to em.”

“I can leave you here,” Gavin said as he walked to the trapped hero.

“Funny.” Vance looked at the chains.

“Let me see,” Gavin said. He circled his thumb and forefinger of his left hand around a chain. In his head, he pictured the thinnest line he could and imagined it between his fingers. The line of light appeared and Gavin moved it into the metal chain. With a curl of smoke, the light bit into the metal. A solid, steady tug, and the light cut the chain.

“Holy shit!” Vance let his arm fall to his side.

Gavin repeated the process on the other chain. Sweat ran in a rivulet down his back, staining his costume’s cape. Vance now had both hands free of the chains, but not the cuffs.

“Help Chuck,” Gavin told Vance. “He’s been around denuviam and is weakened.

“Yeah, I’ll get him.” Vance left his cell.

Gavin moved to the third cell and blasted the lock. Inside sat Francine. She was held in place by a mirror. The simple act of showing her reflection to her always made her freeze. Gavin walked into the cell and kicked the mirror, shattering it.

“Let’s go,” Gavin said, helping her to her feet.

In the main guard room, Vance stood gaping at the mess. “What the hell happened in here?”

“I did,” Gavin said. “Let’s go before someone else captures you with a squirt gun.”

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