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Special Delivery – The Corpse

Jason stepped from the dark van with his bag slung over his shoulder and walked to the scene. Doctor Remark signaled the two officers to let Jason through the barricade.

“Excellent! Jason, you know the drill. First blush.” Doctor Reymark stood back, letting Jason view the area immediately around the prone form.

“Hmmm…Discolored skin,” Jason said, kneeling on the road. With a snap, he put on a rubber glove and pushed at the corpose’s cheek with a tongue depressor. “Rigor hasn’t set in,” Jason called out. “These look like scars. Cut through the entire meat of the face.” He ran the wooden probe over the face. Flicking the device through the hair, Jason added, “He dies his hair this putrid color.”

Doctor Reymark inhaled a whisper when Jason reached for the arm of the corpse. Jason fumbled in his bag for something and pulled out a hemostat. With a scissor motion, Jason gripped the cuff of the sleeve and pulled the fabric back.

“That would have been an experience.” Jason looked at the device strapped on the corpse’s arm. “This seems to be multipurpose.” He ran the medical stick over different levers and under some straps. “Is that a tube?” Jason tugged on the flexible pipe and saw the lapel flower move. “A squirting flower. Really?” Turning his head, his eyes slid to Doctor Reymark.

Doctor Reymark laughed. “It is one of his trademarks. So, any guesses as to cause of death?”

“There’s bruising on the face, neck and arms.” Jason moved the collar back. “This one here,” he traced the mark from the jaw, over the neck. “Broke the collar bone. It also looks like his nose has been broken and improperly set.”

“You’re better than this, Jason.” Doctor Reymark rocked back on his heels. His sigh was muted by the hand he ran over his mouth. He tilted his head, then shook it slowly, his eyes closed in a long blink.

Jason let out a long breath after puffing his cheeks and rolling his eyes. His hands moved to the waist and spread the lime green shirttails. “This is a puncture wound.” Jason pulled out a penlight and shined it on the pale skin. “It looks like a bite, possibly an insect or something. But his right here is too uniform.” Using the tip of a hemostat, Jason touched the two small holes. A black circle on the outer edges was evident once he pointed it out. “This was caused by a device. The punctures have been cauterized by heat, and thusly it burned the skin. It was done pre-mortem. Probably hurt like a son of a bitch.”

Detective Morris stepped over to Doctor Remark. “You mean to tell me that those two iddy-biddy holes are what killed him? Really? You know who this is?”

“Yes.” Doctor Reymark looked at the detective. “To all three of your questions.”

Detective Morris shifted his head up. “So that means that-”

“Nope,” Jason answered, standing from the prone form. “He’s accounted for.”

Detective Morris turned to the younger man. “Then it would be-”

Doctor Reymark interrupted, “That is for you to prove.”

Detective Morris pulled out a notebook, flipping several pages. “He lives in-”

“Another town several hours away.” Jason pulled a body tag from the satchel at his hip.

Morris ran a hand through his thin, dark hair. “What about the girl?”

“She’s in prison.” Doctor Reymark waggled his eyebrows.

“Not her,” Detective Morris said waving a hand at the body. “The other one. Works with the-”

“Oh.” Doctor Reymark put a finger to his chin.

“It’s possible.” Jason signaled for two EMTs to help him lift the corpse into the body bag. “However, who is she?”

“That we don’t know.” Detective Morris closed his notebook. “But we do know that to date, none of them have ever killed.”

Doctor Reymark moved out of the way of the gurney. “Do we know that, Detective?”

Jason moved toward the dark van he arrived in and opened the back door. The two EMTs put the gurney into the back and locked the wheels in place.

As the dark van drove off, Detective Morris muttered, “Not sure if I would call killing that guy a crime. Funny, sure. A crime?”

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