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2009 Ford E-Series Super Duty Ambulance Prep Package. (03/03/09)

Special Delivery (Kindle)

Special Delivery (Paperback)

No blaring lights or speeding ambulances. They don’t carry large packs of medical supplies. But they do save lives of super heroes.
Follow along as new EMTs join Special Delivery and learn the ropes. See how veteran EMTs use their unique gifts to transport wounded super heroes to hosipitals.
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The Seattle Guardian: A New Beginning (Amazon – Kindle & Paperback)


When he does what needs doing, it makes him a criminal. If they catch him, they’ll shoot him.

The Seattle Guardian used to be a retired super hero. The laws changed. Now displaying super abilities is punishable by immediate removal of those abilities. No court, no arrest, and no plea-bargain. This is called being Dosed.

A revolving band of super powered thieves set out the steal high-end medical equipment. The Seattle Guardian dusts off his costume, old skills, and pulls in a sidekick to investigate. Next, the lawbreaking hero discover a scientist is building an army for a dethroned mafia boss. The Seattle Guardian battles through hired mercenaries and an unending supply of powered people to find the lab and the mafia boss. Stopping them could be the death of him. Or worse, Dosed.

See how the Seattle Guardian avoids getting Dosed. Watch as he fights mercenaries hired to stop him. Listen in as he deals with a sidekick that has a penchant for questioning everything he does. His experience pays off, but being out of shape is his biggest roadblock. That, and middle-age.

Dig in. Dive deep. Live the adventure.


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What does a henchman do to change jobs? How does a universal translator deal with hand-to hand-combat? Where do the super powered get their uniforms cleaned? There’s a short story for each of these and more. This collection of stories is full of quick to read stories and cover the other aspects of super-powered life. Who cleans up after super fights? What if a team-mate is fed up and wants to change sides? Tired of the clichéd heroes? Peel the pages of this book and get lost in different lives. Try the sample and see if Super Shorts fit you.


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17 year old Gina Wilkinson needs only three things: get her family out of Starksville, keep her family safe, and not die. Their car broke down in the middle of nowhere and parts won’t come in until tomorrow. The murderous super villains, who are the town’s only inhabitants, have discovered someone is doing research on them and Gina is the only one in her family with powers, and they aren’t completely in her control. Will Gina and her family get home safely?