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National Novel Writing Month

Here it is, October. But National Novel Writing Month is in November. So why post about it? Glad you asked.

Nanowrimo is how I kickstarted myself into writing. Sure, I would draft something every now and then. But it was Nanowrimo 2014 that I actually did something. My work at the end of it wasn’t great, hell, it sucked. However, it showed me I could get a novel written.

So, this is October. I am going to participate (It’s not a contest) this year. That means that October is National Outline Your Novel Month. Ok, not really. I’m a plotter, which means I outline my writing. I make character dossiers (really), layout settings, and even get a list of scenes together. In fact, I use The Snowflake Method. This is what I do, but you might do something else.

If you are wanting to write a novel, I recommend November. If you want to do something with it, I recommend you plan this month.

Come along with me and let’s write a book. Or three. Maybe eight.


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