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The Superhero Genre

What is the superhero genre?

You can copy this into your favorite search engine and hit enter. You will be bombarded with lots of links. Or you can go here: . Read it and see what it says. Dull and bland.

The superhero genre is what made comic books great. They covered lots of topics from race issues to technology overload. And they did it decades before the 80’s. Sure, the main characters had on masks or capes. Additionally, the superheroes didn’t always have “powers”. Look at Batman or Lee Falk’s The Phantom. They used brains, guts, and fists (or guns) and usually in that order.

I write in this genre for three reasons.

Reason 1:
I read a ton (probably literally) of comics. Spending a third of my paycheck from a fast-food restaurant wasn’t uncommon for me. Seeing what the next part of the story was what I lived for. Comics seemed to end a book on a cliffhanger. When a story arc would finish, there was always something else right around the corner. Or that one thing left unfinished. Why did the hero let the bad guy’s sidekick go? Will the older brother of the villain come back and seek revenge? The answer was never in the next book. It was in the book six or eight months in the future. After you’ve forgotten about it and smacked your forehead when you read the note that referenced the issue (I always went box diving to find it).

Reason 2:
Between a comic panel or even a page turn, there were things that happened that you never saw. You had to guess. If you were lucky (I wasn’t), you had someone you could talk to about it. The pair of you (or more) could come up with suggestions or even whole side stories about what happened. To me, some of these were as interesting, or even more so, than the base story.

Reason 3:
It is fun. Really. Remember those stories that happen between the panels or page turns? I get to relive those. Better yet, I get to come up with my own. Sometimes I have to deal with not saving the day, but getting gas in the car and you have no money. Or the hero is running late for their day job, but if they run at super speed, he’ll be spotted. Don’t forget, what happens to your date when you dash off to stop those bank robbers. Do they wait? Do they leave? Do they let the person flirting with them at the bar take them home? Then there is the laundry. How do they get the stains out? The smell is another matter altogether.

There you have it. Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts.

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