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Two Years

Yay! We are two years old this month. What does that mean? I am going to actually start a blog. You know, like a real blog. Where I share stuff and things with you, the readers. This will be things like what TV shows I watch, where I will be doing book signings, and what I ate for lunch that didn’t sit so well.

Yes, I will continue to create short stories and flash fiction. Additionally, you might have noticed a few posts with audio. That really is my voice. I am working out the kinks of reading my own stories. I know I go to fast, so please don’t pelt me with that too much.

The things I’ve accomplished in the past two years still surprise me. I have a novel and a novella out there. There are two collected short stories books (compiled from this site). I also have improved on my writing (hopefully you’ve noticed).

Let’s see what this new year does for us.

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