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The Kitchen

Velocity darted into the kitchen of HQ. Beads of sweat ran down her face and stains on her costume marked her recent fight with the Kleptomaniac. She yanked the door to the fridge open and stuck her head inside the cool cabinet. “Man,” she whined. “Why do you gotta leave just a swallow of OJ. Seriously, just take the last bit and put the jug in the recycle bin.” Taking the near empty container in her hand, she poured the last bit into her mouth and swallowed. Turning for the bins, she saw a mountain spilling out of both the recycling and garbage can.

“Son of a…” Velocity tapped her foot in rapid succession. “A bunch of slobs live here.” Dashing between the bins and the garbage chute, she delivered the garbage bag and replaced it with a new one. Repeating the process, she did the same for the recycling.

Heading back into the kitchen, she went to the cupboard. A gentle tug on the handle and she stared at empty shelves. “Where are the plates?” Pausing for a moment, she sighed. “Let me guess,” she said then moved to the dishwasher. “I bet they’re all dirty, too.” Opening the door, she saw the evidence she was correct. Touching the soap dispenser and looking inside, she growled. “They didn’t even put in soap.” A few seconds later, the dishwasher hummed along.

“I’ll make a sandwich,” the speedster said. At the bread box, she rolled the top back. A single bag with a single piece of bread, an end, was all that was there. “I can’t even make a sandwich.” Looking at the ceiling, she sighed with volume. “I’ll eat the sandwich meat without the bread.”

Back at the fridge, she opened the door, then the drawer inside. Grabbing all the plastic containers, she glanced at their expiration dates. The most recent expired a week ago. While the oldest nearly two months ago. “Dammit!” Velocity tossed the expired food into the garbage.

“Fine!” She moved to the pantry. “Cookies or chips. I can’t miss on those.” The door opened and she flipped on the light. Four cookie bags and ten chip bags. “Excellent!” Her smile spread and her eyes brightened.

Checking the first four bags of chips revealed crumbs. The next three were stale. For the final three, she saw why they weren’t opened. The odd flavor of chocolate, carrots, and celery didn’t appeal to her either.

Velocity opened the first of the four cookie bags. “Double chocolate chip,” she said through her smile. Opening the bag, her smile turned upside down as the bag was empty. “Double stuffed,” she said, taking the next bag. A quick shake told her it was light. The follow-up peeks confirmed it, too, was empty. Butter and lemon were the last two. She shook both at the same time. Empty. “Crap!”

“Why did I even bother,” she screamed then tossed the bags into the garbage.

Spotting chocolate powder on the counter, she shook it. There were weight and sound. “Yes,” she said. “Chocolate milk, here I come.” Once again her head poked into the fridge. “But no milk.” With her chin on her chest, she backed out of the fridge and shut the door.

With a muted scream, Velocity left the kitchen. “I should’a just gone home.” Her voice fluctuated, carrying sarcasm with it. “No, HQ is closer. You’ll be exhausted after you run the additional ten miles. Just zip in and get a quick bite. Your dues up current.” She tossed her hands and shook her head. “Stupid lazy teammates.” The boom of the door echoed in the empty building. A heavy click followed close behind on her way out of HQ.

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