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Maid of Steel – Almost Over

“We have one chance,” SYMON said. “If someone can get Scimitar high enough when he explodes there won’t be as much damage.”

“There’s got to be a better way,” Vivian said. “Whoever takes him up will die, too.”

“That is the truest definition of a hero.” SYMON turned gray.

“Heads up!” Kelly took to the air, zooming for Scimitar charging form. Vivian looked where the shout came from. She saw the dark form of Scimitar barreling down on her with his power sword extended and grimace of hate on his face.

Vivian flinched as the energy blade flashed through her protective field and bit into her shoulder. “Ahhh!”

Kelly’s shoulder connected with Scimitar’s lower back. Her force carried both of them to the ground where they skidded several feet away.

Scimitar lay on the stomach with his hands under his shoulders. Kelly scrambled to her feet as Scimitar pushed from the ground.

“Not today, chump,” Kelly said, sweeping away one of Scimitar’s hands. She followed with pushing the back of Scimitar’s head towards the asphalt. A crunching noise sounded.

“Cobalt,” Vivian said. “One of us needs to take him up and away from the city. He’s gonna explode.”

“The hell he is,” Kelly said as she planted a foot high on Scimitar’s shoulders and stepping hard. She bent down and gripped the device by the top and bottom.

“NO!” Scimitar squirmed and flailed with his feet and arms.

“It won’t stop the—” Vivian reached for the hero.

In a fluid motion, Kelly stood. She yanked the device from the back of Scimitar. In a sickening sucking sound, tubes and spikes were pulled from Scimitar’s back.

“Arrgghh!” Scimitar squirmed and groaned.

“What did she do?” SYMON fluctuated between several colors.

“She pulled it out of Scimitar,” Vivian said. “What now?”

In response, Kelly spun in a tight circle and brought her hands low. She picked up speed on the next revolution, then flung her arm high over her head, releasing the device.

In a blur of gray, the cylinder sped into the sky and reached cloud level in seconds. “I don’t know how much time is left, but hopefully it won’t hurt anyone.”

With a heavy groan, Scimitar rolled to his feet. “Damn that hurt. You’re supposed to be the hero, not a torturer.” He flexed his fist, making his power blade extend. However, it flickered didn’t look as big as before.


The sound was muffled by distance, but the wave descended upon Harbor City, setting off car alarms, shattering windows, and causing minor damage throughout.

Vivian walked towards Scimitar, holding her wounded arm close to her body. Using her good arm, she grabbed Scimitar by the shirt and yanked him close. She jerked a knee to his groin, making him double over and lose his breath. “How did you get here?”

In a strangled voice, Scimitar turned his head and looked at Vivian. “Unlike you, I didn’t have sanction. Plus, I was contacted by a voice that called himself Prophet.”

“Who?” Kelly stepped closer to Scimitar.

“Prophet,” Scimitar spat. “That’s all I know. He made a tunnel and sucked me through it.”

“That’s impossible,” Vivian said.

“Not impossible,” SYMON said. “The technology exists in this time to make a two-way portal. However, it requires a lot of power and enough high-end technology to fill a warehouse.”

“Wait,” Kelly said, taking a step back. “You’re saying that someone with a warehouse and the smarts to put together a time machine pulled you here?”

“Yeah,” Scimitar groaned as he straightened.

“What’s in it for him?” Vivian looked at Scimitar.

“I ain’t answering any more question,” Scimitar said. “You gotta get me fixed up, or I’m gonna die.”

Kelly stepped closer. “That’s not my problem. You’re not from this time, so if you die, it’s no big deal to me.” She pushed a gloved hand into a seeping wound.

“Bitch!” Scimitar’s knees buckled and he fell forward on all fours.

“She has a valid point,” SYMON said.

“That’s not how it reads in the histories I’ve read,” Vivian said and moved between Kelly and Scimitar. “Stop! You’re not a killer. He’s right, unfortunately. We need to get him medical attention. SYMON, call an ambulance.”

“All EMS personnel are responding the blast from above,” SYMON said. “It will take more than two hours before someone could arrive.”

“Then we’ll have to take him,” Vivian said.

“Are you kidding me?” Kelly stepped closer to Vivian. “I don’t really know you, but this guy tried to kill you and me. So now you’re going to save him?”

“Yes,” Vivian said. “It’s what heroes do. Perhaps you have forgotten that.” She bent down and picked Scimitar up. Shifting him over her shoulder, she leaped into the air and flew off.

“Crap!” Kelly said to no one. Both her hands went to her hips and she shifted her feet. She sighed a few times and then followed. “She’s right.”

The two women landed at Angels of Mercy hospital. Vivian loaded an unconscious Scimitar onto a gurney. Kelly asked for an ammonia capsule, which a nurse handed her. Kelly broke it under Scimitar’s nose and lightly slapped him.

“Oww!” Scimitar’s eyes opened and he pushed the foul smelling object from under his nose. “What the hell?”

“Where?” Kelly locked her eyes on his. “No bullshit. Just tell me where.”

“Near the thing you call the tracks,” Scimitar said, his voice taking on a groggy tone. “I’ve only been there once when I arrived. Somewhere close to the bridges also. I remember thinking that having that many surfaces suspended in the air was dangerous.”

Two nurses and a doctor wheeled the gurney down the hall.

“I think I have the location,” Kelly said. “Amethystia, does that wrist thing have a way of narrowing it down?”

SYMON pulsated between purple and orange. “I have three possible locations.”

“Great,” Vivian said. “We can split up and cover them faster.”

“You’re wounded,” Kelly said. “Do you think you can deal with this Prophet on your own?”

“He’s from the twenty-first century,” Vivian said. “He’s a throwback as far as I’m concerned.”

“A throwback with access to high-end technology,” Kelly responded.

“Cobalt is accurate,” SYMON stated. “You are in no condition to deal with a genius level intellect that will shoot you on sight.”

“But, my force field will deflect—”

“He made a time machine,” Kelly said, staring into her eyes. “I wouldn’t put anything past him.” She paused a beat. “Plus, if he is who I think he is, it might not be a good idea to be alone.”

“Who do you think he is?” Vivian looked back at Kelly.

“Your bracelet thing said his name already,” Kelly said. “Bartholomew Harris. My former friend and the only person to know my true identity.”

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