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Maid of Steel – Assistant

Kelly zoomed to her apartment building and landed on the roof. From reflex, she moved to where she stored her change of clothes and didn’t find any. “Crap! I forgot,” she swore under her breath and stomped towards the door. In a smooth motion, she yanked it open, making the hinges creak, and floated down the stairs. She landed in front of the open door to her apartment. “I left it open,” Kelly said as she smacked her forehead.

Stepping inside, she slammed the door closed, and flipped the deadbolt.

Like before, Kelly muted a scream with her clenched teeth. “Who does that girl think she is? She can’t just show up and save the day. Not in my city. I worked too long and hard to let some amateur just waltz in and take over,” she said, turning around in her pacing. The pile of bags caught her attention.

“Wait,” Kelly looked at her super suits strewn about with the bags. “Wait. This will give me a break. A much-needed break at that,” she said with a small smile spreading on her face. “If she want’s to help, I’ll let her help.”

Swapping her super suit for her regular clothes, Kelly gathered up the rest of her suits. Once she had them stuffed into a large duffle, she went downstairs. It was only a few minutes drive to the storage unit she used as her exchange point. Thumbing the combination, she pulled the door open and went in. The place was empty, as usual. With a toss, the duffle bag landed in the circle painted on the floor. The bag filled the entire circle.

“That should do it,” Kelly said with a smile. “Now for a mini vacation.” Reversing her steps, she closed the storage unit and spun the dial on the lock. As she turned to get in her car, a whooshing noise came from the storage unit. Kelly drove off without looking back.

Vivian finished her interview with Ted. She smiled as her feet left the ground and the first wave of emergency services arrived on the scene. Hovering over to the dock workers she checked that they were safe and no one needed emergency transport. They volunteered for a test flight, but Vivian just giggled and declined.

Carl, the fire chief called out for her. “Excuse me,” he said as Vivian approached. “Are you Ama ama this tia?”

“Close,” Vivian smiled. “Amethystia. You’ll get it in time. How may I be of service?”

“Oh, yeah,” Carl jerked from staring at her purple eyes. “Uh..I need to get a statement from you about what you did and who you saved. It’s policy here.”

“Sure,” Vivian said. “I would be delighted. Do you have something to write with?”

“Oh,” Carl patted his jacket pocket and pulled out a digital recorder. “We will do this electronically.” He pushed the red button and asked his questions.

Amethystia spent the next several minutes answering Carl’s questions. Once he was finished he tapped the recorder and stuffed in the pocket it came from. “That should do it Amethystia. Thank you once again. I know you’re very busy. So I’ll let you go.”

“Sure thing, Chief.” Vivian flashed her smile again.

“Oh, one more thing,” Carl said. “Do you know what happened to Cobalt?”

“No, I’m sorry.” Vivian softened her smile. “She showed up here, but I already had the situation under control.”

“Ahh,” Carl said. “So you aren’t related or working with her?”

“No, but I would love to,” Vivian said, once again with the smile. “I feel I could learn from her experience.”

“Right,” Carl nodded. “I won’t keep you longer.” He turned to direct his people and assess the situation.

Vivian took to the air.

“SYMON,” Vivian called as the people disappeared below her. “Are there any other emergencies we have to deal with?”

“Negative,” SYMON said from her wrist. “Per the data analysis, Cobalt has the city’s crime under control and deals with minor issues more often.”

“Wow,” Vivian said with an arched eyebrow. “It almost seems a crime to step in and take over.”

“That is one assessment,” the electronic voice said.

A man stood from leaning against the crates at the shipyard. His head tracked Cobalt as she flew away. He turned his head towards Amethystia as she froze the chemical in place. Coal black eyes scanned the scene as the workers ran to safety.

“It seems your intelligence was accurate,” the man muttered, though no one stood near enough to hear him.

“You see, Scimitar,” a clear voice came over the earbud. “I always keep my word. You have your opportunity with Amethystia. I expect you to deal with Cobalt as well.”

Scimitar turned from the scene as Amethystia floated over to the news crew. He walked through the maze of crates and boxes to the parking lot. “Prophet, I’ll do what I said.” Opening the driver’s door on the dark, beat-up old pick-up truck, Scimitar slid behind the wheel. “Cobalt will get what she deserves.”

“And so will Amethystia, I’m sure,” Prophet said over the earbud. “Now, we must prepare for the long game.”

“I hate waiting,” Scimitar said. “But so far you’ve been right on target.” The coal black eyes glowed, and ebony cracks expanded over the deeply tanned face of Scimitar.

“Exactly,” Prophet said. “And like me, you have done what you said you would. We make an excellent team.”

Scimitar squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. The lines on his face cleared.

“So far.” Scimitar started the truck and drove away.

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